Get to Know Our Team

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Get to Know Our Team

Established in 2019, Character Companies has undergone a noteworthy evolution from its roots in real estate to emerge as a dynamic remodeling company dedicated to crafting practical and stylish spaces.

Initially founded with a focus on property revitalization, our journey took a turn as we recognized the integral role of design and construction in transforming spaces.

Transitioning into the design-build sector, we embraced a comprehensive approach to remodeling.

Today, we collaborate closely with investors, offering tailored solutions to maximize returns in an ever-evolving market. Beyond our partnerships, we actively engage in the purchase and flipping of houses, gaining firsthand insights that fuel our commitment to delivering innovative and high-quality projects.

At Character Companies, our passion for turning spaces into something special remains at the heart of everything we do, and we look forward to continuing this journey of transformation and excellence.

Jacob Hamilton

Jacob Hamilton is a visionary leader in real estate, serving as the CEO of Character Companies Inc. With extensive experience and a passion for property transformation, he has positioned the company as a premier provider of real estate services, including sales, construction, and investments.

Jacob’s journey began at a young age when he obtained his Virginia Real Estate license at 18, displaying early aptitude and passion. As a licensed General Contractor, he has revitalized numerous properties through profitable “flip” projects, showcasing his ability to identify potential and execute strategic plans.

Jacob’s expertise also extends to cost segregation, providing tax-saving solutions for his clients. He is a member of the National Association of Realtors® and actively contributes to his community as a mentor and volunteer. In his free time, he enjoys cooking and spending time with his dog, Greg.

Image Abby Atkinson
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Abby Atkinson

In the realm of design, Abby creates personalized, stunning spaces from blank canvases. Her designs seamlessly blend aesthetics and trends with functionality, creating environments that reflect her clients’ unique tastes and needs.

Beyond design, Abby transitions into the role of a project coordinator. She manages the practical aspects of projects, from liaising with contractors to keeping timelines and budgets on track. Their meticulous attention to detail ensures that every aspect aligns with the design vision.

Abby is known for her approachable and friendly demeanor when it comes to tackling problems or answering questions, she will certainly succeed in answering any questions you may have.



Greg Hamilton
Greg Hamilton

Outdoor Living Consultant